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rentacoder and get a freelancer 

Posted by craig Thursday, January 12, 2012 9:45:00 AM
Cheap outsourcing on the internet is possible and popular, a while ago I gave a review in this aricle Rent A Coder (VWorker) versus GetAfreelancer.  Since then I have some new thoughts since things have changed quite a bit!!!   Firslty Rent a Coder had now changed to VWorker =Virtual Worker.  The VWorker interface has improved substantially while in my opinion get a freelancer is falling behind.  However GetaFreelancer can be substantially cheaper for certain types of works.  One big difference is that the bidding auctions in VWorker are privet (cannot see other... read more

web.config inheritance, problems in subfolders 

Posted by craig Monday, December 26, 2011 3:50:00 PM Categories: ASP.NET C#,.NET
A common problem encountered with websites being hosted externally is that we often want to use subfolders to host other applications.  However the web.config is inherited by default which can cause unexpected side effects.  Typically certain assemblies will be missing because the parent level bin directly is not accessible in the cild application subfolder.  However these DLLs in many cases are not needed by the child applications.  In order to overcome this problem  we need to disable the inheritance in the root application.   This can be done as... read more

InheritInChildApplications : avoiding the inheritance of web.config in child folders. 

Posted by craig Monday, December 26, 2011 3:08:30 PM Categories: ASP.NET C#,.NET
For websites hosted on external servers we often have the situations where we have separate URLs hosted as separate applications in subfolders. This is typically to save costs. i.e. We have one primary domain and other “secondary”domains hosted on the same server. In situations where the subfolders are independent of the parent, we do not want to inherit the parent settings else we have problems such as DLLs not found since the bin folder in the parent is inaccessible to the child applications. In order to accomplish this separation we must wrap the system.web element a follows: ... read more
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